Trump Says He'll Probably Sue Over Iowa Results, Accuses Cruz Of "Voter Fraud"

"This guy is really fraudulent," Trump says of Cruz.

Donald Trump says he will probably sue over the results of the Iowa caucuses, accusing Ted Cruz of committing voter fraud to win.

In an interview on Boston Herald Radio on Wednesday, Trump criticized the Cruz campaign for spreading a CNN report saying Ben Carson would not travel to New Hampshire and South Carolina after the Iowa caucuses, suggesting Carson was getting out of the race. Cruz apologized to Carson on Tuesday for his campaign not sending out updates that Carson was doing laundry and not dropping out.

"One of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. They said he was quitting the race and to vote for him," said Trump.

Asked if he would sue, Trump said, "I probably will; what he did is unthinkable. He said the man has left the race and he said it during the caucus. And then when the clarification was put out by Ben Carson saying it's untrue, they got the statement and they didn't put it out."

"They apologized after the caucus was over; how does that help?" added Trump.

Trump, echoing accusations he made earlier on Wednesday in a series of tweets, called Cruz's action "total voter fraud."

"It's a total voter fraud when you think of it and he picked up a lot of those votes and that's why the polls were so wrong, because of that," continued Trump. "I couldn't understand why the polls were wrong."

Trump also attacked Cruz for sending out a controversial mailer claiming voters had committed a "voter violation" by not voting.

"I think everybody is...he did another thing which was almost as bad. He put a voter violation certificate. I don't know if you got to see that and it looked just like it was sent by a government. It talked about you're in violation. It says voter violation up top on very official-looking stationery. The way you clear it up is go and vote for Cruz. The whole thing is incredible."

Trump stated, again, Cruz was "a nasty guy."

"I'm pro-life. He told everybody I was pro-choice. He also said I was totally in favor of Obamacare and it's the exact opposite."

"This guy is really fraudulent," Trump concluded.

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