Trump: Romney A "Sad," "Pathetic," "Jealous" "Loser" Who Should Retire

"He's a jealous guy. He's got a lot of problems."

Donald Trump on Monday called Mitt Romney a sad, pathetic loser who should go into retirement. The comments came in an interview on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM.

"Romney's a loser. He lost the election badly," said Trump. "He should have won that election. That election was easier than this election. He should have won that election. He choked. He was a choker. And I was very tough on him at the beginning, because we don't want to give a choker, I backed him, but we don't want to give a choker a second chance. We can't afford to. He wasn't going to win anyway. He would have choked the same way. Whatever happened he was way off."

Romney, who has sharply criticized Trump this year, held his annual summit this weekend for Republican leaders at his home in Park City, Utah.

"He lost by a lot," Trump added. "Now he goes around having meetings about Donald Trump. He ought to go into retirement and relax, because he's wasting a lot of people's time."

Trump said Romney was jealous of him.

"He's a very jealous guy," Trump said. "He's got a lot of problems. I watched his statement over the weekend. Actually, it was sort of sad and pathetic at the same time. It was pathetic, but it was sad, too, to watch him."

Trump said he thought Romney felt guilty about losing the election, which he said Romney should have won easily.

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