Trump On 2014 Scottish Referendum: Independence Would Be “Devastating” For Scotland

"The uncertainty that that would have brought to Scotland would have been devastating for Scotland."

Donald Trump last week celebrated Britain's decision to leave the European Union, praising the decision as a "declaration of independence."

Just two years earlier, Trump took a much different position when it came to Scotland seeking independence from the United Kingdom. When Scottish voters voted to remain in the U.K., Trump called the result the "right decision" and said an independent Scotland would have created "uncertainty."

"It was the right decision," Trump told Irish BBC radio host Stephan Nolan of Scotland's vote to remain as part of the United Kingdom. "It went through a very ringing debate and everybody knew. A lot of people, I wouldn't say that anybody handled it very well, but it ended up being really the right decision."

Trump added that Scottish politician Alex Salmond, a proponent of an independent Scotland, did a poor job marketing their position.

"The uncertainty that that would have brought to Scotland would have been devastating for Scotland," Trump said. "All you had to do was look at some of your great institutions, all of whom, or many of whom, said they were leaving Scotland if the independence thing happened. So, it was a very terrible situation."

"It really, I think, turned out for the best and I think really the right decision was made by the people of Scotland," added Trump.

Trump was less definitive before the vote, telling Scottish TV he had no opinion of the vote but said, "I hear taxes will go up, I hear lots of bad things will happen."

When asked after the British vote if Scotland should declare independence Trump said, "that’s up to the people of Scotland.”

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