Trump Jr: "Sick," "Twisted" To Call My Dad Anti-Semitic For "Mistake From An IT Guy"

"I mean, he probably knows more Jewish people than he does Christians."

Donald Trump Jr. says any claims of anti-Semitism against his father are as dumb as saying he's racist against white people.

Trump Jr. made the comments on Thursday on the John Fredericks Show radio program when asked about a tweet from his father that was criticized as anti-Semitic for its use a Star of David over a backdrop of money to label Hillary Clinton as the “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever."

Trump Jr. chalked up the tweet to "a mistake from IT guy."

"I grew up in New York City, three of my five best men are Jewish. My father, half his executives, probably more than half his executives are Jewish," Trump Jr. said. "The notion that these people are trying to say, that a mistake from an IT guy means he's an anti-Semite. I've never seen anything so disgusting in your life. And the real problem with all of it is — I think I spoke to you about this last time we were on —when people throw out the racism card, or the anti-Semite card, hey, racism, anti-Semitism, all of these things, are real issues in this country. They are real issues in this country and frankly across the world."

"When the left throws it out there every time they can't win an argument, it's their ace in the hole. 'Well, I think this is blue you think it's green, you must be a racist,'" he continued. "You're doing a major disservice to the people who are actually afflicted by that plight. It's a shame that it's just thrown around there haphazardly, so stupidly."

"It's so laughable," Trump Jr. added, saying his father couldn't be in business in New York City if he was anti-Semitic. He blamed the media for making the "average person" think his father was an anti-Semite.

"It's disgusting, it's such a different set of rules for these people," Trump said.

Trump Jr. said it made him feel like he was on the TV show Punk'd.

"It's about as stupid as saying, 'I'm racist against white people.' It doesn't get any dumber. Besides the obvious, besides the awards, besides being head of the Israeli day parade, all of his Jewish friends, all of his Jewish employees, executives, high-level people. I mean, he probably knows more Jewish people than he does Christians. It's so laughable, if it wasn't so sick, it wasn't so twisted and, if it wasn't so much of the Democratic playbook, you'd think you were being Punk'd"

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