Trump Jr. On Delegate System: "I Feel Like We're Living In Communist China"

"They've been wining and dining these people for years."

Donald Trump Jr., in a radio interview on Monday, likened the Republican delegate system that determines who wins the presidential nomination to something out of communist China.

"Since when should the presidential candidate for the Republican or any other party for that matter to be the president of the United States — when should they have to cater to small group of delegates as suppose to what the will of the people actually is," Trump told Sean Hannity. "I mean, that's almost mind boggling. I mean, I feel like we're living in communist China, it's ridiculous."

Trump Jr. said the delegate selection system meant you have to be a member of the political establishment to win.

"They've been wining and dining these people for years, and it does set it up so that you almost have to be establishment, and I can see that," said Trump Jr. "All the establishment guys, they all want to think that they can be president whether they're qualified or not. Whether they have the temperament or not. Whether they all have the ability or not, they all want to sit there, that's why they're writing their big checks, so they can get a seat at the table."

Trump Jr. said his father gave a voice to the people by working outside the system and took aim the Republican National Committee for disenfranchising voters.

"The RNC and everyone has been pushing this for year, 'you got to watch all the debates because your vote counts and your vote matters. Oh, guess what it actually doesn't we were just kidding."

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