Trump In 1997 Radio Interview: Divorce Wife If She’s “Crying and Bitching”

"Every night she calls up crying and bitching. And I said to him, 'Get a divorce cause you're never going to change.'"

In a 1997 interview on Howard Stern's radio program, Trump said he advised a friend who was a professional golfer to divorce his “crying and bitching” wife.

The thrice-married Republican nominee was discussing the chapter in his newly-released book, The Art of the Comeback, in which he advised a quick divorce in his book of a “nagging,” “gripping,” and “bitching” wife.

“I'm saying that if a woman doesn't totally support you, and I give examples of a professional golfer who's on the tour,” Trump said in the November 1997 interview. “He's a friend of mine. He's got a lot of talent. I won't mention his name, because why should I?"

"But I have a friend who's a professional golfer who's married,” Trump continued. “He's a great player. He could be a very good player. Every night he gets a call from his wife: 'Why aren't you home? Why are you in North Carolina? Why are you in California.' He plays the tour. 'This is what I do. I'm a touring professional,' [he says]. 'Well, why don't you become a home professional?' 'Well, you know, because it's not quite as much fun.' Says, 'I'm a touring professional. I'm a great golfer. I have a chance to be a really great golfer.' Every night she calls up crying and bitching. And I said to him, 'Get a divorce cause you're never going to change.'

"And you're doing her a favor,” added Stern. “Let her get a guy who she really wants to be with."

"Right,” Trump adds. “And she won't be happy with that guy either by the way. But you know."

In his book, the Trump advised a quick divorce of a “nagging,” “gripping,” and “bitching” wife.

“Often, I will tell friends whose wives are constantly nagging them about this or that that they’re better off leaving and cutting their losses,” wrote Trump. “I’m not a great believer in always trying to work things out, because it just doesn’t happen that way. For a man to be successful he needs support at home, just like my father had from my mother, not someone who is always griping and bitching. When a man has to endure a woman who is not supportive and complains constantly about his not being home enough or not being attentive enough, he will not be very successful unless he is able to cut the cord.”

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