Trump Campaign Chief Praised Clinton In 2011 As "Compelling Figure" In Troubling Times

"It's pretty compelling I have to say," Kellyanne Conway said of Hillary Clinton's role as secretary of state.

In an October 2011 video segment with More magazine, Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway praised then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a "compelling figure" during troubling times.

"She went ahead and did something pretty gracious and pretty powerful at the same time. She became the secretary of state for the man who beat her for the nomination," Conway said to Lesley Jane Seymour, the magazine's editor-in-chief.

"Very gracious. She could have said no, she's got a lot of things to do and be. She's really caught a very compelling figure as secretary of state at a very troubling time, of course, around the world," Conway added. "And her stock has gone up. She's about as popular as her husband now, which she never was. Bill Clinton was always more popular than her."

Conway predicted that Hillary Clinton would not run in 2016 but rather start an initiative similar to the Clinton Foundation that would focus on women.

"She's doing things at a time when many women are overly glamorized or are known for what they're wearing, not what they're thinking — or how many Facebook friends they have, rather than how many foreign leaders they meet. So, it's pretty compelling. It's pretty compelling I have to say," Conway said.

"Hillary Clinton's really out there in a much more understated role," added Conway.

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