The Five Most Pro-Gay Romney Documents

He has never supported same-sex marriage. But he ran as a very pro-gay Republican in the early 2000s, tacked sharply to the right in 2008, and has made his way back to the center since. These are from the pro-gay glory days of his Massachusetts campaign.


2. 1994 Bay Windows interview:



2002 Bay Windows Questionnaire.

BW: Do you support the Protection of Marriage Amendment?

MR: No, because it would outlaw domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples.

BW: If an initiative petition passed (on the ballot) that prohibited gays and lesbians from enjoying certain rights (like a Protection of Marriage Act or a repeal of the gay and lesbian civil rights law), would you support overturning that decision in the following legislative session? Or would you let the voters’ decision stand even if it denied gays and lesbians their rights?

MR: I would do everything in my power as Governor to educate the public on the need to fight discrimination of any kind.


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