The Senators Who Flipped On DOMA

These Senators voted for the original DOMA law while in the Senate and House and now support the repeal of the law. Senators Jay Rockefeller and Tim Johnson's offices told BuzzFeed they no longer support the law. An asterisk denotes they voted for the law as members of the House.

1. Jay Rockefeller

2. Tim Johnson*

3. Tom Harkin

4. Barbara Mikulski

5. Carl Levin

6. Max Baucus

7. Harry Reid

8. Frank Lautenberg

9. Patrick Leahy

10. Patty Murray

11. Jack Reed*

12. Rob Portman*

13. Dick Durbin*

14. Bob Menendez*

15. Ben Cardin*

16. Chuck Schumer*

17. Joe Biden

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