The Huntsman Family Used To Love Mitt Romney

Will they renew their support if Jon Jr. drops out?

Campaign finance records filed by both Mitt Romney's campaign committees and pro-Romney PACs show that the Huntsman family has been very generous in their donations to Romney over the years.

Jon Huntsman's father, the patriarch of the family, has given the most to Romney. Huntsman Sr. donated $1,000 to Romney's 1994 Senate campaign. He also donated over $60,000 to Romney's Iowa PAC between 2004 and 2006. Huntsman donated an additional $60,000 dollars to the Romney Michigan PAC between 2004 and 2006 as well. Huntsman also donated $5,000 to Romney's New Hampshire PAC in 2006, $7,000 to Romney's South Carolina PAC between 2004 and 2006, and $2,300 to Romney for President in 2007.

Jon Huntsman's brother David, donated $13,500 to both Romney's Iowa and Michigan PACs in 2007. He also donated $4,200 to Romney for President.

Karen Huntsman, the mother of Jon Huntsman, donated $1,000 to Romney for Senate in 1994 as well as $2,300 to Romney for President in 2007.

Mark Huntsman, Jon's brother, donated $1,000 to Romney for Senate in 1994.

Michelle Huntsman, Jon's sister, donated $2,300 to Romney for President in 2007.

Paul Huntsman, another of Jon Huntsman's siblings, donated $11,500 to Romney's Iowa PAC in 2006. That year he also donated $5,000 to both Romney's New Hampshire and Michigan PACs and $3,500 to Romney's South Carolina PAC.

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