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The Five Nastiest Attacks Between Mitt Romney And John McCain In 2008

John McCain endorsed Mitt Romney yesterday in New Hampshire, but during the 2008 Republican primary the two were engaged in a cutthroat contest for the Republican nomination. The two men have now united against a common enemy: Barack Obama, but their 2008 fight lives on online.

Posted on January 5, 2012, at 11:38 a.m. ET


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"If the candidate is a phony, we'll know it. Mitt Romney is such a candidate."


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"He ran in Massachusetts as a very liberal Republican."

"Had Liberal positions on pretty much every issue."


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'If the candidate is a phony we'll know it. Mitt Romney is such a candidate."


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"It's very clear that Governor Romney attacks when people are catching up with him. And I understand why he's talking about the future since he's spent most of his time running away from his past.


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Mitt Romney, in a 2008 New Hampshire town hall, defends flip-flops and attacks John McCain on the issues.

"There's nothing wrong with changing ones mind but some politicians. are more interested in insults than issues and Im interested in issues and I changed my mind with regard to abortion and Im not gonna apologize for changing my mind on that, becoming pro-life. And if you want someone who never changes their mind then your gonna find somebody who often times sticks with the wrong view Senator McCain was on Meet the Press defending the fact that he voted against the Bush tax cuts, and asked would he do it again he said yes those tax cuts that George Bush put in place helped grow our economy and make America more promising as it is today. He's simply wrong, he consistent, but he's wrong, and I'll take being right over being consistent, any day of the week."