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11 Awkward Edits By Senate Staffers To Wikipedia

A search through the Senate IP address on Wikipedia shows which pages have been edited by Senate staff. The amateur Wikipedians who work for members of the Senate were a little more reserved than their House counterparts.

Posted on July 11, 2012, at 1:15 p.m. ET

1. Senator Tom Coburn: A disgruntled Senate staffer added into his profile he is "a huge douche-bag."

2. Vice President Joe Biden: While Biden was a Senator, a Senate staffer changed information in his biography related to the plagiarism scandal that helped doom his 1988 presidential run.

3. Florida Senator Bill Nelson: A Senate staffer added that he "is generally regarded as a moderate."

4. Senator Mike Crapo: An edit removed flattering statements made about Crapo by Senator Harry Reid


5. Senator Tom Harkin: An edit was made removing the statement that Harkin received PAC money from pro-Israel groups and that Harkin claimed (falsely) to have flown combat missions over Vietnam during an earlier Senate run.

6. Senator Robert Byrd: An edit removed references to Byrd's participation in the Ku Klux Klan and replaced it with the phrase "Long Live Napster."

7. Former Senator Norm Coleman: An edit removed that Coleman had flip-flopped on opposing oil drilling in ANWR.

8. Senator Harry Reid: An edit said Reid "rightfully" called George Bush a loser.


9. Former Senator Rick Santorum: An edit made to his page in 2005 removed information about statements he made on homosexuality.

10. Senator Jay Rockefeller: An edit removed the section, "Accusations and investigations of leaking."

11. Senator Mary Landrieu: An edit removed a section saying Landrieu lacked any major accomplishments restoring Louisiana's coastline.

12. Former Senator Mel Martinez: An edit added (possibly by an intern) added to his Wikipedia page he had a "talented group of interns."

13. Former Senator Conrad Burns: An edit removed an controversial statements Burns made in the past.