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The 42 Best Photos Ever Taken Of White House Pets

Lyndon Johnson singing with his dog. Epic.

Posted on June 17, 2013, at 3:43 p.m. ET

1. Lyndon B. Johnson sings with his grandson and his dog Yuki:

2. Lyndon B. Johnson, his grandson, and Yuki swim in the White House swimming pool:

3. Richard Nixon's dogs King Timahoe, Vicky, and Pasha look out of a White House window:

4. Bill Clinton takes his cat Socks for a walk:

5. Gerald Ford takes his dog Liberty for a walk with his wife at Camp David:

6. George W. Bush's dog Barney begs for a belly rub on the White House lawn:

7. Ronald Reagan's dog Lucky sits in his lap on Marine One:

8. Ronald Reagan goes for a run with Lucky and Margaret Thatcher:

9. Socks has some fun at the White House during Easter:

10. Amy Carter holds her cat Misty Malarky Ying Yang in the White House:

11. Nancy and Ronald Reagan get ready for their excited dog Rex to greet them as they disembark Marine One:

12. Amy Carter and Misty Malarky Ying Yang pose for a photo:

13. Gerald Ford's daughter takes a quick moment to pose with their family's cat at the White House:

14. Amy Carter pets her dog New Grits on the White House steps:

15. Gerald Ford's dog Liberty and her puppies at the White House:

16. Liberty poses in front of the White House:

17. Buddy gives Bill Clinton a tennis ball while he golfs:

18. Socks hangs out in the Oval Office:

19. The Kennedy family dogs pose for a picture while just hanging out:

20. Harry Truman's dog Feller looking... sad.

21. Buddy goes for a swim in the White House fountain:

22. George W. Bush's cat India looks around a corner:

23. Socks licks a White House gingerbread house:

24. First Lady Michelle Obama pets Bo before a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

25. Buddy attempts to retrieve a tennis ball from a White House swimming pool:

26. George W. Bush looks at his dog Barney while on his ranch:

27. Barney pushes a golf ball in the Oval Office:

28. President Obama's dog Bo sits outside a car:

29. Barney greets a little boy:

30. George H.W. Bush pets his dog Millie and her puppies:

31. First Lady Barbara Bush wears matching sweatsuits with her dogs Ranger and Millie in the White House:

32. Millie sits next to a "Beware of Dog!" sign on the White House lawn:

33. Barbara Bush pets Millie and her puppies on the White House lawn:

34. Lyndon B. Johnson presents a basket of puppies to the daughter of a White House staffer:

35. Yuki and Lyndon B. Johnson share a tender moment in the Oval Office:

36. Bo gets some birthday treats:

37. Lyndon B. Johnson and Yuki pose for a photo on a fence:

38. Kennedy family dog Pushinka and her puppies sit with their kennel keeper:

39. Richard Nixon's dogs pose for a Christmas photo:

40. George Bush and Barney share a moment on the White House lawn:

41. Richard Nixon presenting Pasha to David Lupi, the poster child of the National Hearing and Speech Foundation:

42. Bo looks into a window of the Oval Office:

43. Bo Obama plays during a blizzard:

All photos via The National Archives unless otherwise cited.