Hillary Clinton Love And 18 Other Yuge Moments From Donald Trump’s Blogging Career

When he wasn't praising Obama, The Donald blogged about current events on his Trump University "Trump Blog." The highlights are below.

1. Trump had some thoughts on steroid use in baseball:

2. Trump wrote in 2005 that there was no housing bubble.

3. Trump had fun performing at the Emmy's.

4. Trump wrote: "I think women have a tough situation in the workplace because of the sexual undertones."

5. Trump thought the New York Times should have been sued for false reporting on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

6. Trump was excited for Elton John's wedding: "If two people dig each other, they dig each other."

7. Trump thought Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey should have a prenuptial agreement.

8. Trump thought celebrity babies had "odd names."

9. Trump enjoyed the winter olympics.

10. Trump thought another depression might be coming.

11. Trump thought people should work on vacation.

12. Trump thought pay gaps between men and women "obviously isn’t fair."

13. Trump thought office romances were kind of a bad idea, "....rarely does it make you a better employee."

14. Trump had fun appearing on the WWE.

15. Trump thought Britney Spears was too wild. "She's been constantly partying every night and she was photographed - more often than not - without underwear."

16. Trump said some more mean stuff about Rosie.

17. Trump wanted Italy boycotted over the Amanda Knox verdict.

18. Trump had harsh words for Sarah Palin and praise for Hillary Clinton in a 2008 post.

19. Trump thought the John Edwards scandal might hurt Democrats.

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