The 11 Strangest Edits By Congressional Staff To Wikipedia

The Wikpedians using the House of Representatives' IP address weren't just buffing their employers' reputations. The best thing Congress has done in years.

1. Edited the article "Booty call" noting one example of a "Booty call" was also called "ex sex."

2. Added information about season six of the Sopranos on "Tony's dream sequence."

3. Removed information about J. Edgar Hoover wearing women's clothes.

4. Added "Miscellaneous facts" to Boy George's page.

5. Edited the article "JewFro" saying it was mentioned in the movie "The Forty Year-Old Virgin."

6. Edited the page "Nudity in film" mentioning Jack Nicholson appeared nude in the movie "About Schmidt."

7. Edited the "Racism" section in the article "Jar-Jar Binks."

8. Edited the page "Prince" noting that he had appeared on the Simpsons.

9. Edited the article "Buttocks cleavage" noting a man in an episode of the Martin Lawrence show showed "Buttocks cleavage."

10. Removed information about the Tennessee flag being similar to the Confederate flag.

11. Added trivia to the section "Famous Blaxploitation films."