That Time Pizza Hut Made Fun Of Hillary Clinton For Being A Carpetbagger

"How do I know so much about New York pizza? 'Cause New York, I want to be your next senator!"

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When Hillary Clinton first ran for Senate in 2000 in New York, a state she never had residency in, critics called her a carpetbagger.

Enter Pizza Hut and the 1999 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves. Clinton, who was first lady at the time, was still on her "listening tour" across New York, an effort to establish herself as a possible candidate for Senate in the state in the coming 2000 election.

Pizza Hut ran an ad during the series mocking the potential candidate with a not so thinly veiled caricature talking about how great New York pizza is.

"How do I know so much about New York pizza?" says the Clinton impersonator with the Southern accident talking about Pizza Hut's big New York pizza. "'Cause New York, I want to be your next senator!"

At the end of the ad, a New York City police officer weighs in, saying, "$9.99! What do they think this is, Arkansas?"

Questions about Clinton's residency and commitment to New York were a recurring theme in that year's Senate campaign. Clinton formed her Senate exploratory committee in July of that year, but records show she was still voting in Arkansas elections while running for Senate. Clinton voted in an Arkansas school board election in September absentee and voted in two other Arkansas elections absentee before she established her New York residency and registered to vote in the state so she could run for Senate.

Ultimately, despite dodging questions about her loyalty (which she said wasn't newfound) to the New York Yankees, Clinton triumphed in that campaign.

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