Texas Republican: Senate Won’t Remove Obama For His "Egregious Offenses"

Rep. Blake Farenthold only has nine more months to talk about impeaching Obama.


Rep. Blake Farenthold of Texas said Tuesday that there's not enough votes in the Senate to remove President Obama from office for his many "egregious" and impeachable offenses.

Asked on 1440 KEYS radio in Corpus Christi about Obama's policy toward Ukraine, Syria, and Libya, Farenthold said, "The Obama policy in Libya, he went off on his own without war powers authorization to do what he did in Libya."

"Yes, potentially impeachable," he added, when asked if the president could be impeached over it. "I don't think -- well, I know there's not the votes in the Senate to remove him from office for even more egregious offenses that I think are impeachable."

Farenthold has said previously that the House has enough votes to impeach Obama.

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