Texas Congressman: I Don't Know If President Obama Has "Got America's Back"

"Very few that I talked to Craig trust this guy, our commander-in-chief, to prosecute a war in an appropriate fashion."

Republican Rep. Randy Weber of Texas said Monday he doesn't know if President Obama has "got America's back." Weber expressed the sentiment in an interview with Family Research Council's Washington Watch radio program.

"I was at an Israeli function, uh, AIPAC function couple weekends ago," said Weber. "One of friend's there said, 'Congressman Weber, we're not sure the president has Israeli's back.' And I looked at him dead center Craig and said, 'friend, we're not sure he's got America's back.'"

The Texas lawmaker added earlier that "very few" people he talked to in Congress trusted President Obama to wage the war on the Islamic State in a proper way.

"Very few that I talked to Craig trust this guy, our commander-in-chief, to prosecute a war in an appropriate fashion. You know when you have someone that says that we are not at war with Islamic fanaticism and he wants to somehow justify that by dredging up things that are back in 1100, lets just say for example the crusades 1000, 1100."


Weber went further saying he "doesn't trust" President Obama to wage the war, which would complicate fighting the Islamic State.

"So we don't trust him to prosecute the war. Now we don't want to seem to be anti you know, anti—not to be in favor of fighting terrorism. We understand that this is a cancer that has got to be cut out and so we have to be very diligent about how we do this but again realizing that the president apparently thinks he is the smartest man in the world. He doesn't have to listen to his generals. He knows better than them? And so really it puts us in a quandary because really we want to go after this cancer and cut it out but then we remember who the commander-in-chief is."

Weber is best-know for tweeting that he was upset about President Obama not attending the Paris anti-terrorism march, using a strange analogy to Hitler invading France to make his point. He previously called President Obama the "Kommandant-In-Chef" in a tweet about the State of the Union last year. He misspelled chief as "chef"