Ted Cruz: We're "Very Likely" Going To Have A Contested Convention, Which I Win

"We will have a battle on the floor."


Ted Cruz says the Republican primary is likely now going to a contested Republican convention where he will most likely beat Donald Trump.

"What I believe is gonna happen, I think we are very likely to go to contested convention in Cleveland," Cruz said on the Michael Medved Show earlier this week. "If that happens, I'll come in with a ton of delegates, Donald will come in with a ton of delegates. We will have a battle on the floor and I think we are in a much stronger position to prevail to earn a majority of the delegates who are elected by the people."

Cruz remarked he'd then work to unify disaffected voters whose candidate lost at the convention for the November general.

"If that happens we're then gonna work very, very hard to bring of the other side who didn't prevail in the election to come together and unify," Cruz remarked.

In recent weeks, Cruz has won a number of nominating contests, including sweeping the delegates at the Colorado convention. Though many of the delegates are "bound" to support a candidate on the first ballot at the convention, on the second many are free to support any candidate they like.

Last month, Cruz was much more dismissive of the idea of a contested convention saying the way to beat Trump was at the ballot box.

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