Steve King: Obama Moving Nation Towards "Ideology Of Karl Marx"

The Iowa Republican also said that if the Supreme Court decides to "change the definition of marriage," the country will be thrown into "an endless trauma."

Rep. Steve King says President Obama's sole goal is to move America towards the "ideology of Karl Marx."

Speaking with Glenn Beck on his program Wednesday, the Iowa Republican said the president might defy a court ruling on his immigration executive actions in pursuit of his goal.

"The president has contempt for Congress, he ignores Congress," King told Beck on the question of if the president would ignore court rulings on his executive action.

"He has taught the Constitution but he defies his own words, and he's defied Article 1, the legislative branch, the Congress, but he hasn't yet in a clear way defied the courts. If he gets a bad decision -- well, it's one he disagrees with -- on Obamacare, if he gets a bad decision on immigration and defies the courts, who knows how the public will respond to this."

The Obama administration and 26 states duked it out in a federal appeals court last month over the White House's expanded policy of deferred deportation for undocumented immigrations. The 2014 actions were put on hold by a trial court, but the Obama administration has asked the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to allow the policy to go into effect while the full appeal is heard.

"Right now, they respect people in black robes and they think they know something that the rest of us don't," added King. "If the president defies that, we shall see - but it moves him into emperor status if he can get away with it."

King added President Obama's actions are calculated on not the rule of law or what is good for the county but how to move America toward "the ideology of Karl Marx."

"And his calculation is not what's true and just and right or even good for America, it's how can he exploit his power base and move our country to the left towards the ideology of Karl Marx, how far can he go and get away with it. There's not conscience involved in this, no sense of duty to the constitution or his oath to it."

"He has kicked that completely sideways. So we are a country that has been too apathetic about it, if it's a lack of education, lack of passion I don't know, but I thought we'd all be ready to surround the White House when the President issued his November 20th orders, but instead it looks like many people just capitulated to it."

King then abruptly shifted the discussion to the Supreme Court and same-sex marriage.

"And one more thing Glenn on marriage," said. "If this court decides that they're going to change the definition of marriage, that then throws this country into an endless trauma."

King added it would be similar to how the Supreme Court thought they were solving slavery in the Dred Scott decision, a decision King said actually moved us toward the Civil War. King added there would be outrage and "constant marches" such as those that have annually-occurred since the Roe vs. Wade decision.

"A similar trauma in the way that Roe vs. Wade did, and the constant marches -- The public will not accept a huge decision of the Supreme Court that's not a decision of the people," said King. "Dred Scott back in 1857, the court thought they were going to solve the slavery question by telling Congress that they couldn't free the slaves, and telling the country that slaves could never be citizens. They made that decision, and that helped move us, well helped -- it moved us towards a civil war. It wasn't the only reason, but it was a big reason."

"Then in 1866 there was the civil rights act. That wasn't enough to get the job done. There was the 13th amendment that freed the slaves, the 14th Amendment that guaranteed them full citizenship, and then we were still 100 years before we got the Civil Rights Act. If it took all of that to get rid of slavery, do they really think that they can do what they're going to do to marriage with one decision of the Supreme Court and that society is going to accept that. I think we're in for a long battle, Glenn."
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