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Scott Walker On Israeli-Palestinian Relations: "Long Way Off" From Two-State Solution

"They need defensible and secure borders and they're a long way off from having that happen," Walker said of Israel Tuesday.

Posted on May 19, 2015, at 2:49 p.m. ET

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says the Middle East isn't ready for a two-state solution just yet. Walker said a Palestinian state is a "long way off" because Israel does not yet have "defensible and secure borders."

"We were looking there and you could see in a helicopter up in the air you could see how close the threats were from Hezbollah, the Islamic State, down to the problems in Gaza," Walker told Sean Hannity on his radio program on Tuesday.

The Wisconsin governor, who is expected to launch a campaign for president in the coming months, said that current threats to Israel are why it's "certainly not the time" for a two-state solution.

"You could just see why they are so concerned. And when people bring up a two-state solution and I've said as well after being there certainly it's not the time for that now. They need defensible and secure borders and they're a long way off from having that happen."

Walker was recounting a helicopter ride he took on his "way back to Jerusalem" where he saw the close threats.

"At one point we were on our way back to Jerusalem, we were hovering, they went high up in the helicopter and I could see in east the Dead Sea Basin and to the West I could see the Mediterranean — actually, it was kind of cool they pointed down where we were hovering we were literally over the place they believe that David slayed Goliath. I mean, think about how amazing that is."