Scott Walker On 2016: I'd Rather Be "Bland" Than "Dumb, Ignorant, Corrupt... Or Old"

"I'd rather have bland and uncharismatic than dumb or ignorant or corrupt or any of the other things they would label other would-be candidates out there — or old for that matter."

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said he won't let stereotypes about his persona get in the way of him running for president.

"The media is going to peg any prospective candidate with a tag. I'd rather have 'bland and uncharismatic' than 'dumb' or 'ignorant' or 'corrupt' or any of the other things they would label other would-be candidates out there — or 'old' for that matter," Walker told Wisconsin's WTMJ radio on Wednesday.

The Wisconsin governor moved closer toward a presidential run Tuesday when he announced the creation of "Our American Revival," a political committee that he can use to raises money and fund his travel as he mulls a White House bid.

Walker said people would ultimately like the accomplishments get done in Wisconsin, saying he pushed through a "commonsense conservative, fiscally strong message."

"I think as people see that, I'm fine with that expectation," he said. "We may have pushed that narrative off to the side a little bit after Saturday. But I think in the end certainly people in Iowa but also elsewhere around the country like what we have here in the state. Which is we have not just from me but our assembly and our Senate, our commonsense conservatives."

"We have a steady as you go, stick with a commonsense conservative, fiscally strong message. Follow through on your principals. You don't have to throw red meat all the time. Just say what you're going to do and then do what you say and get it done. I think people are hungry. After six-and-a-half-years of a guy who reads great off a teleprompter, I think what Americans want of any political background is authentic leadership that gets the job done."