Rudy Giuliani: Russians, Israelis Already Have Clinton's Emails

"The Russians have those emails, they've had them for some time."

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said the Russians and Israelis already have all of Hillary Clinton's emails. He also defended comments made by Donald Trump encouraging Russia to release Clinton's emails to the media, saying Trump was joking.

"The Russians have those emails, they've had them for some time. If they could get into the DNC server and be in there for one year, which they were, the DNC server is a modern server, much better protected than the old equipment than Hillary had hanging around in the garage at home," Giuliani said on the Mike Gallagher Show on Thursday.

"If they could get into that DNC server, they owned her server in Poughkeepsie. And not only did they own it, but so did the Russians, possibly the Israelis, maybe a couple of other allies. And by the way, we do the same thing to them so don't get all upset."

Giuliani said the Democrats claiming that the email hack was a matter of national security proves Clinton is a liar.

"The Democrats have to believe she's lying, that's why they're yelling national security," Giuliani said. "By the way, I talked to the Trump campaign immediately after he made that statement. That statement was sarcastic, it was a joke, it was, 'hey, go get them if you can get them.'"

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