Ron Paul Radio And Internet Ads: Watch Out For The Coming Economic Collapse And Civil Unrest

"The way of life we've enjoyed as Americans for 50 years could come to an end."

While his son, Rand, runs for president, former presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul is appearing in radio ads running on a variety of stations across the country that warn of a coming economic crisis and civil unrest.

The ads, found via a closed captioning search, warn that ultimately the U.S. dollar will be rejected, and direct listeners to a series of websites to learn how to protect themselves.

Here's the radio ad audio and the transcript:

PAUL: "Hi, Ron Paul here. Today I have an urgent message for every American who's retired or thinking about retiring soon. You see, our own government's disastrous policies have now put you, me, and everyone over the age of 50 at great risk. Sometime in the near future, we're going to have yet another financial crisis. This one won't be solved with bailouts, and it will hit seniors the hardest. I fear there will be civil unrest, a drop in stock prices, pension fund collapses, big changes to Social Security and Medicare, the erosion of personal liberties, bank and brokerage closings, and ultimately a major crisis, as the U.S. dollar is rejected for almost any non-paper alternative."

NARRATOR: "Don't let this happen to your retirement. Dr. Ron Paul strongly believes when the next crisis hits, there will be no warning, and the government won't save you. Go online to, where you'll learn simple steps you can take to protect your retirement. Go to"

The website listeners are directed to looks to be hosted on the same IP address as dozens of "Ron Paul Message" websites that link to the same video:

The video is from Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, a conservative investment advice newsletter from Porter Stansberry.

Stansberry's site has previously warned of coming economic collapse and President Obama seeking a third term. Stansberry is also a sometimes columnist for the right wing World Net Daily website:

The full video on the site is also on YouTube:

View this video on YouTube

In the video, Paul is "interviewed" by Jared Kelley of Stansberry Research about his fears of an impending currency crisis. Paul tells Kelley that the impending collapse will "probably be worse than our Great Depression," as "the savings of millions of people could be wiped out overnight, the stock market could crash by 50% or more, the way of life we've enjoyed as Americans for 50 years could come to an end" — and that "it's not a question of if this will happen, but when."

At another point, Paul says that he "wouldn't be surprised at all to see the government take over people's 401(k)s and IRAs" in order to "force people to buy worthless government bonds" after the value of the dollar plummets. He also predicts "huge tax increases," the institution of a "wealth tax" on the entirety of one's assets, and "all kinds of new laws and new rules about what you can do with your money."

Paul goes on to suggest that hyperinflation will cause "a total breakdown" of the stock market. "Imagine 2008, Black Monday, and even the crash of '29 all happening in a single day. The middle class will be wiped out."

Paul's insists, however, that his real concern is over the dissolution of the social order that would ensue: "The real killer will be the effect of all this on our society and our our liberties."

"People won't have any clue what to do when there's a line around the block just to access the ATM … [or] when stores stop accepting dollars as payment," Paul declares. "I think we'll see problems in the big cities especially — in fact, we're already seeing the beginnings of that: Ferguson, the riots in New York and Detroit."

"What steps are you recommending personally?" asks Kelley.

"I'm not an investment expert," Paul replies, "so I've been looking around for someone I could feel comfortable recommending, and I found just that person … Porter Stansberry."

After watching for a while you are offered to subscribe for $49.50:

You're prompted with this message about "what could be the biggest shift of wealth in U.S. history."

Paul also appears in another video warning of an economic collapse for Stansberry:

Here's that video:

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