RNC Chair: Sanders Tougher To Beat Than Clinton In General Election

Troll or serious?


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus says he would prefer the Republican nominee face Hillary Clinton in the general election over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

When asked Thursday on the John Gibson Show which candidate he thought would be easier to run against, Priebus said, "Probably Hillary Clinton, it's a tough call, but I always like the known commodity."

The RNC chairman, noting Clinton's slide in the polls, said Sanders was on the rise.

"The deal with Hillary is she is stuck in a ditch and people are lining behind her like drones, at least as of recently," he said. "And now they're looking at these numbers, they're not moving, she's not liked, and people are saying, 'well now what are we gonna do?' So they're looking around her and they're looking at Bernie Sanders, who's now ahead of her in New Hampshire and tied with her in Iowa, and they're kind of stuck."

"It's a tough call, but I guess I would take Hillary," he added. "Although, I do think the sort of wild, socialistic, liberal Bernie Sanders would be fairly easy to beat as well."

Priebus added that he thought Vice President Joe Biden would have been a much tougher candidate for Democrats.

"Joe Biden would have been far better for the Democrats, he's much more difficult because he's likable — at least most the time — and he doesn't have the baggage that Hillary has," he said. "Who knows what the FBI is going to do."

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