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Republican Senate Candidate Compared Taxes To The Holocaust, Apartheid, Soviet Union

"It's called Holocaust, it's called Soviet Union, it's called, you know, apartheid."

Posted on April 16, 2014, at 2:05 p.m. ET

Dr. Greg Brannon, a Republican contending for the party's Senate nomination in North Carolina, once called U.S. property taxes as central planning, referencing the Holocaust and Soviet Union as other examples of central planning, in a 2012 radio interview.

Brannon, who has been endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul and others, has a history of controversial statements. In the past, Brannon has alleged the United Nations is a scam to control life and ran a now-defunct organization called "Founder's Truth" that advocated conspiracy theories like fluoridate water and the Boston bombing being a false flag. His website then mysteriously disappeared from the Web Archive.

A recent Public Policy Polling poll showed him leading incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, 45-43.

In the 2012 radio interview, Brannon called U.S. property taxes "American central planning," and compared that central planning to the Holocaust, apartheid, and the Soviet Union.

"When has central planning worked, Bill?" Brannon said. "It's called Holocaust, it's called Soviet Union, it's called, you know, apartheid. Central planning does not work but America's version of it is better? Think about that. You pay your property tax every single year on the same property and if you don't pay it the government takes it away. So who owns that property, Bill?"