Republican Congressman: Impeach Eric Holder If Obama Doesn't Get Rid Of Him

"If the president doesn't get rid of him, 'cause it will be a bipartisan aspect, let's start the rattles of impeachment on Eric Holder."

Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar says it's time for either President Obama to get rid of Attorney General Eric Holder or the House will vote to impeach him. Speaking in an interview with the Patriot Network TV, Gosar said the attorney general has "plenty of wrongdoings" to warrant impeachment.

"You've got to hold somebody accountable," Gosar said. "Everybody across this country but Democrats, Republicans, and independents don't care about the bureaucracy because it's subservient to nobody. We've got to put a face on that and I say that the face is Eric Holder. Because what we need to do is we need to have somebody be held accountable for what they've done wrong."

Gosar cited the attorney general's role in approving a search warrant calling Fox News journalist James Rosen a probable co-conspirator in a leak investigation and a Justice Department lawsuit against Texas to block its new voter ID law saying it discriminates against minorities as "wrongdoings" worthy of impeachment.

"This attorney general has got plenty of wrongdoings. He's lied to Congress in the James Rosen case, he said he didn't know anything about the warrant, and he actually signed the warrant," Gosar said. "Not a stamp, he actually signed it."

"And in the Voting Rights Act, have you ever seen an attorney general declare himself void of what the Supreme Court has held as the rule of law and is now trying to file and injunction in Texas," he continued. "Let's show with a vote of no-confidence, if the president doesn't get rid of him, cause it will be a bipartisan aspect, let's start the rattles of impeachment on Eric Holder. I think you'll get to that point. I think there's 14-16 Democrats in the Senate who would never want to have to take that vote."

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