25 Local Front Pages That Show How The Government Shutdown Is Hurting Regular Americans

Real lives, real people.

1. There are 4,000 furloughed employees in Connecticut.

2. National parks are closed in Colorado.

3. in San Francisco, businesses near federal offices are seeing services slow to a crawl.

4. New England's submarines are not going to sea on time.

5. California home owners are not getting the loans they need.

6. Colorado hikers are trying to find alternate trails.

7. Local businesses in Ohio are suffering.

8. Tourists in Philadelphia can't check out the Liberty Bell.

9. Connecticut residents might not receive Head Start funding.

10. And the program has already been closed in Florida.

11. A man in New Hampshire can't get a federal permit to open his brewery.

12. Aviation sales in Kansas have been halted.

13. WIC nutrition programs in Kansas are at risk.

14. And Alabama has resorted to using emergency funds to fund theirs.

15. Indiana Air Force employees have been furloughed.

16. Tourists can't visit the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., or many other museums and monuments.

17. Furloughed National Guard employees have been working without pay because of Tropical Storm Karen.

18. Furloughed employees in Alaska are hurting too.

19. Furloughed Air Force employees are struggling to pay their bills in California.

20. A city's budget in Oklahoma has been hurt.

21. Pension and disability checks in Arkansas are taking a little longer than expected to arrive.

22. Visitors are getting kicked off campgrounds in Arizona.

23. Grand Canyon businesses are hurting from a lack of business.

24. Businesses and furloughed employees at Gettysburg are feeling it too.

25. As well as furloughed workers in South Carolina.

All of today's front pages via the Newseum.