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Rand Paul's Senate Website Gets Makeover With A Glaring Omission On Issues Page

Immigration and Social Security aren't on there anymore.

Posted on April 3, 2015, at 11:27 a.m. ET

Charles Dharapak / AP

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul's Senate website got a makeover Friday. The senator unveiled a new, cleaner, more campaign-looking website — with a new issues page, largely using the same text from his old issues page with pages.

But two divisive political topics are now missing: immigration and Social Security.

Paul, the prospective 2016 candidate is widely expected to launch his campaign for the presidency next week.

Here's the current homepage for Paul's Senate page:

And here is how it looked yesterday:


Here's the list of issues page for his old site:

Old Rand Paul Senate Website

On the new site, the current list of issues page topics are:

Advancing Energy Security

Advocating for Sanctity of Life

Balancing Our Nation's Budget

Expanding Economic Opportunity

Promoting Opportunity Through Education

Protecting Gun Rights

Protecting Privacy and Civil Liberties

Putting Patients First

Reforming Washington Through Term Limits

Reversing Burdensome Regulations

Securing our Nation

Supporting our Nation's Heroes

Here's the old page for immigration:

Old Rand Paul Senate Website

And here's the old page for Social Security:

Old Rand Paul Senate Site

The "news" page likewise only goes back to January of this year:

And clicking on any result in the search function just brings you back to the homepage:

"The issue pages, for our new website, are still a work in progress," a Paul spokesperson said.