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Rand Paul Claims Middle Class Status In Attack On Clinton's Speaking Fees But Has Millionaire Net Worth

"I think their comment that they were nearly broke doesn't ring very well with the rest of us in the middle class," Paul said.

Posted on May 8, 2015, at 3:35 p.m. ET

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky included himself as a member of the middle class during a radio appearance on Friday, a claim that doesn't mesh with his available financial data.

Paul made the comments while discussing the Clinton's income.

"Well you know I haven't been too worried about the Clintons not having enough money anytime lately," Paul told Boston Herald radio on Friday when asked if thought middle class America could relate to comments Bill Clinton made about needing his speaking fees to "pay my bills."

"I think their comment that they were nearly broke doesn't ring very well with the rest of us in the middle class," added Paul. "I think they're now worth a couple hundred million. He makes sometimes $500,000 an hour so the 'woe is me' kind of language from the Clintons won't go over very well."

Paul, however, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics, had an estimated net worth over $1,300,000 in 2013. His net worth when he first began his campaign for Senate in 2009 was just over $800,000.

The Center for Responsive Politics also found "27 assets totaling $683,036 to $1,970,000 in 2013," according to their site "Open Secrets." A complete breakdown of his assets from his 2013 financial disclosure is here.

In addition to his yearly $174,000 Senate income, Paul received a $180,000 advance on his first book along with $90,000 advance for his second book, plus royalties.

The Associated Press reported in a 2010 profile of Paul's frugal lifestyle that he made a salary of $163,000 in 2009 and listed rental income of nearly $100,000 on his financial disclosure.

"Those earnings rank him among the wealthy in a state where the median household income is just under $42,000," the report said.

"As the Wall Street Journal reported, the Clinton's may be in the "top 1% of the 1%" which means that they are in the top 0.0001%. The Clintons in just a small handful of speeches make more then Senator Paul's entirely normal net worth," a Paul aide told BuzzFeed News. "It is pretty easy to see who Americans could most identify with."

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