Protesters Think Obama Is Hitler: "Of Course He Has Earned His Mustache"

Members of LaRouchePAC are taking the Obama-Hitler comparisons nationwide.

This is Ian Overton. He thinks President Obama is just like Adolf Hitler.

Here's a WBRZ local news report on his protests in the Baton Rouge area.

"Of course he has earned his mustache," says Overton. Overton also compared Obama's policies to gas chambers at Nazi concentration camps: "It's not a gas chamber but it's an economic policy. It's the same effect. If you're dead, you're dead."

Ian is a member of LaRouchePAC and the LaRouche movement, which follows the teachings of Lyndon LaRouche, an eight-time presidential candidate and conspiracy theorist.

From the LaRouche PAC site:

Lyndon LaRouche and LaRouchePAC continue to sound the certain trumpet on both the nature of the current collapse and a viable solution to it. It is now undeniable; as the euro continues its free fall amidst increasing ungovernability, threatening to pull the entire world economy down with it, the threat of thermonuclear warfare, sparked by the tinder box of the Middle East with a crazed puppet Obama, blazes stronger everyday. Reporting on these facts at this point, as many are doing now, is simply describing symptoms of the sickness. The unique role of Lyndon LaRouche in the past decades has been to warn that this collapse is systemic. Already in the late 60's and 70's he warned of the inevitability of this current collapse, if certain fundamental changes were not made. At that time, he had demonstrated that what we would see is the result of an inherently faulty system, a system of fake money, deindustrialization, and a degenerate view of mankind. Since then, LaRouche has incessantly continued to warn about, and fought to reverse, this trend by proposing and organizing viable policies worldwide.

Here are some more Obama/Hitler mustache photos from the group's Facebook:

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