Peter King: Trump Wrong To Say James Comey Is Part Of Corrupt System

"Whatever else you can saw about Comey, he is one of the most honest people."

New York Republican Rep. Peter King says Donald Trump is wrong to say FBI director James Comey was part of a corrupt system.

Trump commented at a rally the FBI's decision to not charge Clinton related to the investigation into her private email system proved there was a "rigged system, folks," and later cited the FBI director in a tweet to the say system was rigged.

"I have a great respect for Comey," King said on the John Gambling Show on AM970 The Answer on Wednesday. "I really think that, for instance, when Donald Trump says he's part of corruption – whatever else you can saw about Comey, he is one of the most honest people."

"I don't question in anyway Jim Comey's integrity," King added of the decision to prosecute Clinton.

"I think he did what he had to do from a legal point of view," continued the congressman. "But I also think, this is where Republicans are making a mistake, by attacking Comey they're taking the emphasis off what he said. The things he said about Hillary Clinton are damning. I mean, this is just, basically he accused her of lying, continually, in everything she said. Every point that she's made, that she has made, over the last year and a half, he totally rebutted."

King said he thought Comey could have indicted Clinton, but relied on her intent rather than negligence by Clinton in use of her personal email.

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