Peter King Offers Trump Advice: Think "Before You Say What's On Your Mind"

He also said Trump's remarks about a judge "could" be considered racist, but weren't meant to be.

Rep. Peter King of New York says Donald Trump should think before he speaks.

"He's gotta get a campaign structure in place, and he's got to learn how to not be making over the shoulder, off the top of his head – I'm mixing all sorts of metaphors here – just these comments really that he has not thought through," King said Thursday on WRHU radio. "He doesn't realize the consequences of saying this. It's great to say, 'you should say what's on your mind.' But before you say what's on your mind, you should think about what you're saying."

Earlier, King said Trump's remarks on a judge's heritage "could be racist" in the context in which they were used.

"One on one, he's a great guy. I don't believe he's a racist or a bigot in anyway, but he says things like there's not filter at times. The whole remark about the Mexican judge, obviously he was born in this country, but him referring to him as a Mexican. It's things like that we don't need. Even while, the expression itself used in that context could be racist, I don't think Donald Trump meant it that way. Instead, we wasted a week now talking about that."

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