13 More Embarrassing Wikipedia Edits By Congressional Staff

They really never learn.

Last year BuzzFeed reported on how congressional staffers had been editing members' Wikipedia pages.

House offices all share the same IP address.

Here are the details for the IP:

This makes it quite easy to find when people who work in Congress airbrush Wikipedia pages. BuzzFeed found 13 new examples since the first post.

13. A section of Republican Rep. Frank Lucas' page about bringing home farm subsidies to his district was removed.

12. A section from Democratic Rep. Joseph Crowley's page was removed that cited a New York Post article saying Crowley's children went to school in Virginia.

11. A portion of Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers' Wikipedia page was removed about an Ar-15 being stolen from her home and Ellmers saying during the shutdown she would keep her paycheck.

10. A small section of Republican Rep. Glenn Thompson's page was removed noting he endorsed Rick Santorum before Mitt Romney.

9. A section from Republican Rep. Pete Olson's page was removed that noted he voted to continue funding the National Security Agency.

8. A section from the article "List of politicians affiliated with the Tea Party movement" was removed that said Republican Rep. Mike Coffman was associated with the tea party.

7. The entire section "Ethics complaint" was removed from Texas Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke's page was removed. It ran about 2,000 characters long.

6. A portion of Democratic Rep. Ron Barber's article was removed noting he voted to continue funding the NSA.

5. A section of Republican Rep. Jack Kingston's page was removed noting he was skeptical of evolution.

4. A section of Rep. Tim Huelskamp's page that noted donors to his campaign, including Koch Industries, was removed.

3. A section from Democratic Rep. Paul Tonko's page was removed that noted he still received a pension from his time as a state lawmaker while serving in Congress.

2. Portions of Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos' page were removed that focused on her time as city council member, noting she supported water and sewer rate hikes. A removed section also noted criticism Bustos had received for voting for a $624,000 parkway.

1. A section from Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre's page was removed noting he voted against the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and voted for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which contains the infamous "forcible rape" exception.



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