Donald Trump In 2011 Predicted A $25 Loaf Of Bread "Pretty Soon"


In an interview in 2011, Donald Trump predicted that rising inflation would push the price of a loaf of bread to $25 and that there could be riots in the streets.

Today, a cost of a loaf of bread costs $2.32 on average.

Asked on NewsMaxTV in January 2011 if he, like wealthy investor George Soros, felt that the economic recovery was temporary, Trump said, "If by the question, you mean, he's thinks that it's going to get worse. I would say that he possibly is right."

"If oil prices are allowed to inflate and keep inflating, if the dollar keeps going down in value — which is not is not good because you're going to pay $25 for a loaf of bread pretty soon," he continued. "If you look at what's happening with our food prices, they're going through the roof. We could end up being another Egypt."

"You could have riots in our streets also," added Trump. "So, if he thinks things are going to get worse by the way he phrased that, or by the you phrase, I think there's a very distinct possibility that things could get worse yes."

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