North Carolina Republican Senate Candidate's Organization's Old Website Full Of Conspiracy Theory Blog Posts

Conspiracy theories and members of Congress "enslaving" us through Obamacare.

Greg Brannon is a Republican candidate for Senate in North Carolina.

He has been endorsed by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, among others, and a recent Public Policy Polling poll showed him leading incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, 45-43.

Brannon garnered media attention earlier this month for saying food stamps are a form of slavery.

But Brannon previously made a name for himself as a tea party activist in North Carolina. He led as president an organization called "Founder's Truth."

According to an old newsletter, Founder's Truth was "an organization that seeks to enable all Americans to hold tightly to their individual Right to the American Dream through the tenacity of Truth found in our nation's founding documents – so America can once again flourish from the freeing nature of responsibility that comes from a nation of 'We the People.'"

The website for the organization was taken down some time last year.

This was the site's homepage.

Here's the about page, which featured Brannon and his family.

The organization featured a blog on their website that posted whole items from other sides, many from conspiracy sites like and

Here's what a Freedom Blog blog post looks like on the site, and below here are some articles that were posted on the website.

"The op called the Aurora massacre..."

"Secret Police Murder and Cover-Up in the USA"

"One World Currency"

"TSA Electric Shock Bracelets?"

"They Really Do Want To Implant Microchips Into Your Brain"

"Agenda 21"

Fluoride in water is "patently unethical and criminal"

"False Flag"

Bonus: Here's Brannon discussing nullifying Obamacare and saying members of Congress are "partaking in enslaving us" through Obamacare (around 1:15 in the video).

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