When Jeb Bush Said Marco Rubio Was Prepared To Be President

The way they were.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush on Thursday attempted again to compare Marco Rubio's experience to President Barack Obama's, noting that Rubio, like Obama at the time of his election, is untested and has little experience.

"It's not known. Barack Obama didn't end up having them, and he won an election based on the belief people had that he could, and he didn't even try," Bush said on Morning Joe when asked if his opponent and former protege Sen. Rubio had the needed skills to be president.

"I think I have the leadership skills to fix things, and that's my strength and that's what I talk about. Marco was a member of the House of Representatives when I was governor and he followed my lead and I'm proud of that," added Bush.

Three years ago, however, Bush said the Florida senator had more experience than Obama and had the ability to be president.

"Marco Rubio is my favorite because we have a close relationship," Bush said of Rubio to Charlie Rosie when asked about who Mitt Romney should pick as his vice president.

"I admire him greatly. He`s probably the most articulate conservative elected official on the scene today. He speaks with great passion about American exceptionalism. I think it would lift -- you know lift the spirits of the campaign and -- and provide some energy."

Asked directly if Rubio had the expercience to be president, Bush said he thought so.

"I believe so," said Bush. "Look he has more experience than Barack Obama had when he ran and more practical experience. And certainly got the intellectual acumen and the fortitude to be a good president and I have a special place in my heart for him. I just -- it`s hard to describe the pride I feel for his incredible success."

"And how well he has moved into the job of being a United States Senator with humility and not trying to be an arrogant guy; to learn the -- learn the trade, if you will," continued Bush. "And he`s got great -- people in Washington really admire him."

The lovefest appears to be over.

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