Mary Burke Says Of Plagiarism Response: "I Wish It Was Better Handled"

"Yeah, probably, sure, it had an impact."

Democratic Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke said she wishes her campaign's response to BuzzFeed News reporting that she plagiarized several large sections of her jobs, rural communities, and veterans plans "was handled better," given how it consumed her campaign for two weeks.

"I was on it from day one," Burke said in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board. "That's politics, this was no doubt politically motivated to take the attention of some really bad jobs numbers that were released at the exact same time. So of course, with what the results were and how it impacted things of course I wish it was better handled. I can't come up with any specific ways, I think we handled it really well."

Burke blamed the copied text on a political consultant Eric Schnurer, who the campaign cut ties with following the revelations.

"Yeah, probably, sure, it had an impact," Burke said when asked by Journal-Sentinel if she thought it slowed her campaign's momentum.

Here's the video: