Many In Romney's "Binder Full Of Women" Were Campaign Donors

The former Massachusetts Governor touted hiring "binders full of women" for his cabinet, but many were donors to his gubernatorial campaign.

Mitt Romney answered a question at the presidential debate Tuesday on how he would close the gender pay gap by telling how he filled his cabinet with women appointees using "binders full of women" provided by women's groups.

But a cross reference of Romney's very senior positions held by women, his senior staff and cabinet heads, show that 5 of 8 positions were filled by campaign donors, suggesting that Romney did indeed surround himself with female executives, but that the outside advice had a limited effect.

Jane Wallis Gumble, who served as Romney's director of Department of Housing and Community Development, donated $300.

Beth Lindstrom, who served as Romney's director of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, donated $1000.

Jennifer Davis Carey, who served as Romney's Secretary of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, donated $500.

Cindy Gillespie, who served as Romney's Chief of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, donated $500. Gillespie worked with Romney on the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics according to Romney's book Turnaround.

Beth Myers, who served as Romney's Chief of Staff, donated $500.

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