John McCain On Nice Attack: Obama "Allowed This To Happen"

"This president has failed America and the world."

Arizona Sen. John McCain says President Obama "allowed" the Bastille Day attack in Nice that left at least 84 people dead to happen, blaming his policies towards ISIS for failing "America and the world."

"As far as the tragedy in France is concerned, obviously this is an act of mayhem and despicable," the Arizona senator told KTAR's 92.3FM's Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes on Friday. "I also have to tell you — our prayers are with the families, obviously, and the French people — but I also have to tell you, that as long as we have a leadership in this country — the president of the United States — who allowed this to happen, his policies are directly responsible for ISIS and ISIS is responsible for these attacks."

“We had the war won, thanks to the service of so many brave Americans that sacrificed their blood and treasure, and the president decided to pull everybody out of Iraq," McCain said. "Al-Qaeda went to Syria, became ISIS, and we watched ISIS grow and take over the second largest city in Iraq, and the story we all know. If we want to stop these attacks, we’ve got to go to Raqqa. It’s either we kill them there, or we will kill them here. This president has no strategy and no, in my view at least in the short term, ability or willingness to attack this evil.”

McCain concluded the president had failed the world and the country.

"This president has failed miserably and all this stuff didn't have to happen," McCain said. "I'm sorry to say that I predicted everything that has happened, and I predict more attacks just as the director of National Intelligence and the head of the CIA have predicted. This president has failed America and the world."

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