Jim Gilmore Blasts Never Trump Movement, Says GOP Should Unify

"My goal is, Jim Gilmore's goal is, to draw the party together."

Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore criticized the so-called "Never Trump" movement in an exclusive one-on-one conversation with BuzzFeed News over the phone on Monday and said his goal is to unify the Republican Party.

Gilmore said he did not expect to receive an offer to be Donald Trump's running mate and declined to speculate on whether such an offer is even possible. He did, however, offer Mr. Trump some candid advice.

Trump should "pick somebody who would help him," he said, adding that he wouldn't be attending the Republican National Convention

Would the former governor accept a last minute invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention?

"That depends on the circumstances," said Gilmore, who said he was helping the get-out-the-vote effort in Virginia to elect Trump.

"I've not been supportive of Never Trump. I think that we need to unify the Republican Party. That's very hard right now with the Never Trump movement. My goal is, Jim Gilmore's goal is, to draw the party together," said the former governor, referring to himself in the third person.

Gilmore stressed the importance of Trump winning Virginia, but could Trump actually win the state?

"It's too soon," Gilmore said.

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