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Huckabee On “End Times” Radio: Gun Control About Making People “Total Servants"

Huckabee also discussed Islam and "homosexual rights" on "the only newscast reporting the countdown to the second coming of Jesus Christ."

Posted on December 17, 2015, at 11:57 a.m. ET

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Mike Huckabee, whose presidential campaign is showing signs of its own end times, appeared on "the only newscast reporting the countdown to the second coming of Jesus Christ" on Wednesday to discuss Islam, "transgenderism," "homosexual rights," and how he believes the objective of gun control is "making people total servants of the states."

The former governor of Arkansas was asked by TruNews host Rick Wiles if he thought the Left didn't care about the 14 people who were killed in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, to which he answered, "They're able to sock that away in a whole different dimension. It's almost as if they're living in the Twilight Zone. They can make a neat separation between reality and what their policies are and they don't have to mesh."

"The reason they keep pushing for things like gun control even though gun control would not have stopped the San Bernardino killers, gun control wouldn't have done anything to stop Sandy Hook, wouldn't have stopped the Colorado shooter, you can go on and on, even though there's no evidence whatsoever that the proposals they put forth would stop the very things they're crying about, they keep putting it forth anyway because it's not about protecting people, it's not about the real agenda, it's about control, controlling people," Huckabee said, "making people total servants of the state, and it's a very dangerous political philosophy to adhere to."

Huckabee, asked if the Left was "in alliance" with Islam because Islam and the Left share a "common enemy" in Christianity and Israel, said, "It's hard for me to even get my arms around why the Left is so protective of the religion of Islam. Especially when the Left wants to embrace homosexual rights and yet Islam would carry out the death penalty for a person who's homosexual."

"There's such an irrational position on the part of leftists," he continued. "You have these positions that are supposedly so sacred to the people on the Left: protecting abortion, protecting same-sex marriage, protecting homosexual rights, protecting transgenderism."

Huckabee said liberals should "go to Tehran and get out on the town square and make a big speech advocating transgender rights and let's see how long is Tehran you last saying that."

Huckabee concluded it was "irrational" and "laughable" for the Left to defend Islam.

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