Hillary Clinton Told A Revealing Personal Story About Vladimir Putin And It's Fascinating

Speaking with Canadian television CBC's in an interview about her new book Hard Choices, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reflected on a personal anecdote Vladimir Putin told her about his mother.

Speaking with a Canadian television station in an interview that aired Monday evening, Hillary Clinton relayed an story, also recounted in her new book Hard Choices, about Vladimir Putin. At a dinner, he once told Clinton of how his mother was nearly mistaken for dead and buried in a mass grave before being saved by his father.

Here's the video of Clinton recalling the story on Monday night:

The authenticity of the tale has been called into question by some and Clinton herself says while Putin was convincing in his telling she is unclear if the tale is true or not.

Clinton argues that if the story is untrue, it gives an interesting insight into what Putin thinks about "what it means to be Russian."

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