Has Jeb Bush Flip-Flopped On The Segway And Blackberry? We Report, You Decide

He's just Jebbin'.

Jeb Bush recently released this video on his Silicon Valley favorites:

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The video, released before a trip to Silicon Valley, revealed some of Bush's favorite technology:

They asked me to choose between my Apple Watch and apple pie. Wasn’t a tough choice. http://t.co/u07eDJmRbD

On iPhone v. Blackberry, Bush says:



However, Bush's official portrait as governor featured a Blackberry:

A closer inspection:

On driverless car vs. Segway, Bush says:

Driverless car ("can't wait"):


Bush, however, was previously a Segway fan. He took a spin on one while addressing the 2002 FIRST Robotics Competition Championship in Florida.

The Bush family are noted Segway fans:

George Bush notably took a fall off one while visiting with his family:

You decided: