GOP Senator Ron Johnson Won't Say If Trump Has Temperament To Be President

"Uh, again, I...I sure hope so."

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin wouldn't say during a radio interview on Wednesday if Republican nominee Donald Trump has the temperament to be president.

"Uh, again, I...I sure hope so," Johnson said on WSL-AM when asked about Trump's temperament. "We need strong leadership, we need people who understand what the problems in this world and are willing to face these realities."

Johnson, the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, said he could "ruin your morning" with the list of all the threats to the United States.

"I think Donald Trump has certainly operated in the real world, the private sector, he knows how to grow an economy which is the first step by the way. We've got to heal our economy, bring it to its full potential so we can strengthen our military so we can actually defeat ISIS, secure our border. We've got a real mess on our hands here."

Johnson has said he is supporting, but not endorsing Trump.

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