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GOP Senate Candidate Said He'd Be Involved In Obama Impeachment If Offense Is "Egregious Enough"


Last updated on July 19, 2014, at 5:05 p.m. ET

Posted on July 19, 2014, at 5:05 p.m. ET

Republican Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue left open the possibility of pursuing the impeachment of President Obama if his offense was "egregious enough." Purdue stressed, however, he doesn't "have the facts" and his focus if elected would be the needs of voters.

"I'm not up there, I don't have the facts," Perdue told local station 13WMAZ Eyewitness News. "But right now, one thing I know, is if he is violating his oath of office to a degree that is egregious enough to do that, I'll be involved in that. But right now, my focus, if i were to be elected would be to do the things I'm talking to people about doing right here in the real world."

The comments are different from those he gave in a statement to the Washington Post last week, in which Purdue said he was opposed to impeachment.

"The best way to rein in the overreaching Obama administration is for Republicans to take back the Senate and for Congress to restore the balance of power in our federal government," Purdue spokesman Derrick Dickey told the Post in an email.

The Post said Dickey confirmed that Perdue opposes impeaching Obama.

In a local radio interview last week, Republican Rep. Jack Kingston, who is vying with Perdue for the Senate nomination in an upcoming runoff election, said Congress was looking at impeachment seriously.

"Congress is going to start looking at it (impeachment) very seriously." Kingston said.