GOP Senate Candidate: Democratic Debate Is Socialism

Dr. Greg Brannon, a Republican running for Senate in North Carolina, said the democratic debate taking place after the Sandy Hook school shooting was an example of "socialism." Brannon was speaking in a radio interview a week after the shooting.

"Senator Hagan says we got to have a nice debate and discussion (about gun control) about what to do. See that's called a democracy which is actually socialism which is called majority rule."

Brannon, a doctor and former tea party activist, previously led an organization called Founder's Truth and has a history of making controversial statements on the radio.

He previously called U.S. property taxes "American central planning" and referenced the Holocaust and Soviet Union as other examples of central planning.

Brannon also once alleged that the United Nations is a scam to control life.

His now-defunct organization's website often posted conspiracy theories like claims that there is fluoridate in the water supply and that the Boston Marathon bombing was a false flag.

After BuzzFeed reported on his website, it disappeared from the Web Archive under mysterious conditions. The Web Archive refused to say if Brannon asked for the site to be taken it down.

Brannon is vying for the Republican nomination and led incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan 42-40 in a April Public Policy Polling poll.

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