GOP Frontrunner Donald Trump Was Once A Pro-Obama Blogger

"The world is excited about Barack Obama and the new United States. Let's keep it that way!"

In 2009, Donald Trump penned a blog where he shared his insights and analysis of the country, the economy, and America's new president, Barack Obama.

The blog ran on his Trump University website and was part of the promotional campaign for Trump's book, Think Like a Champion. In his book and that year, Trump praised President Obama.

Trump's blog can be found through the old website for his book.

Enter the "Think Like A Champion" signed book and keychain contest:

Here's the site Trump linked to in his tweet, with a link to the blog:

Here's what the blog looked like:

Trump had high hopes for Obama, saying the "fact that he accomplished what he has in one year is truly phenomenal."

Barack Obama Election Ushers in A Different World

This week I was interviewed by Dominic Carter of New York 1, on his program called Inside City Hall. New York 1 is an all-news program that is popular in New York City, and Dominic Carter is someone I have a great deal of respect for. He should have a national show, but then New York would miss out on his full time and dynamic presence here. He describes me as "a man not known for keeping his opinions to himself" and the interview spanned two consecutive nights.

On Tuesday night we covered some interesting topics. Dominic asked about the election and I was honest about it. McCain was in an almost impossible situation. Bush has been so incompetent that any Republican would have a hard time unless they could bring back Eisenhower. He was a disaster for the country as well as for the Republican Party.

Then he asked me about Barack Obama. I told him that Barack will need to be a great president, because we're in serious trouble as a country. It hasn't been this way since 1929. So he doesn't have much choice -- he will simply have to be great, which he has a very good chance of being. I saw him speak in Berlin, and what he has done is amazing. The fact that he accomplished what he has in one year is truly phenomenal.

Dominic mentioned my unique alliance with Al Sharpton. I told him that I understand Al. He is just doing his thing. That is our philosophy.

After 9/11, this country had a lot of compassion from countries around the world. Within a short amount of time, we were hated. How did that happen? We had no dialog with other countries because they just plain hated us. I think we know who is responsible for that. What's different today is that we have a new chance, a new beginning. The world is excited about Barack Obama and the new United States. Let's keep it that way!

Trump gave Obama "a strong B+" for his first 100 days in office:

Obama's First 100 Days: A Strong B+

On Wednesday morning I was on CNN to talk about President Obama's first 100 days in office. I was quoted from my new book, Think Like a Champion, where I mention that Obama "will need to be a great president because we're in serious trouble as a country. It hasn't been this way since 1929. So he doesn't have much choice -- he will simply have to be great, which he has a very good chance of being."

I was asked if he had lived up to the challenge. I said that he is working very very hard on many many fronts -- it would be nice if he could focus on one but he wasn't really given that option. The option he was given is that the world no longer respects us like they did ten or fifteen years ago, but he's building bridges, he's building them back. Certainly the economy is a problem, and terrorism. He inherited a real mess.

It's become a world of specialization, it's very complex, and the level of problems that the world has today is unprecedented. We're not in a great stage right now in and the problems he's dealing with -- from health care to pirates -- is formidable. I gave him an overall grade of at least a B+ and I think he's lived up to his challenges in a big way. As the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told him, "You've changed America's relationship with the world."

The Donald said Obama was "absolutely right" to go after banking executive salaries:

Obama Is Absolutely Right

Last night I was on the air with Larry King who always has incisive questions. He asked me if Obama was right or wrong to go after these executives with salary caps -- and I said he's absolutely right. Billions of dollars are being given to banks, and once you start using taxpayer money, it's a whole new ball game.

It's not a game I'm enjoying watching. The banks are trying to shore up their balance sheets. They're supposed to be loaning out that money and they're using it for other purposes, so it is a real mess.

Everyone wants to blame the United States, but every country is in trouble. There's been a lot of greed and a lot of stupidity. But being appropriate isn't asking for a lot, considering the national and worldwide situation. The enormous bonuses and unnecessary perks that have surfaced in the press is enough to anger anyone who has worked hard and lost hard in recent months.

The concept of bailouts is a two-edged sword. If they didn't do the bailout, we would be in depression No. 2, and maybe it would be just as big as depression No. 1, so they really had to do something. We don't really know if it's going to work for quite some time. If it's really wrong -- and it could be wrong -- we're going to really have a mess in two years.

We are in a situation that is trial and error. We've never dealt with this before. But I think Obama is doing the right thing and all of us must remain alert to what is happening.

Trump wrote, "They did the right thing with the banks or we’d be in a major depression now."

Update On What's Happening With The Economy

I was on Neil Cavuto's show yesterday for an update of what's happening with the economy. On the whole I'm feeling much better than a year ago. They did the right thing with the banks or we'd be in a major depression now.

One problem is that the banks won't lend any money. Fortunately I'm using my own money. But the banks need to lend to fix unemployment. In that sense, the situation is worse now than a few months ago.

The banks are probably building up their balance sheets, but it isn't doing the economy or the people any good.

Regarding the stimulus, how effective it has been or will be is questionable. Will our grandchildren be paying for it?

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