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GOP Congressman: People Crossing Border Could Have Ebola Or Be Terrorists

"This administration doesn't have the desire, doesn't have the will to actually stop it."

Posted on August 14, 2014, at 12:19 p.m. ET

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas says people crossing the border could be terrorists or have Ebola, adding the Obama administration won't stop the border crossings because they view them as "undocumented Democrats."

"This administration doesn't have the desire, doesn't have the will to actually stop it. Because...they saw people coming across as undocumented Democrats," Gohmert said. "So they want to keep that surge of people coming in illegally. Even though it includes a big spike in other than Mexicans. OTM's as we call them. It includes a spike in people from countries where terrorism abounds. We have people coming in from countries where Ebola is located."

Gohmert added people could be coming across the border "with diseases we simply do not need," because they are getting unchecked.

"That's not fear mongering, it's just saying let's be careful."

Gohmert's not the first Republican congressman to suggest kids at the border might have Ebola.

Rep. Phil Gingrey of Georgia wrote a letter to CDC in July expressing his concern that migrants at the border could have Ebola.

"Reports of illegal migrants carrying deadly diseases such as swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus and tuberculosis are particularly concerning. Many of the children who are coming across the border also lack basic vaccinations such as those to prevent chicken pox or measles. This makes those Americans that are not vaccinated – and especially young children and the elderly – particularly susceptible," Gingrey said.

Rep. Todd Rokita of Indiana also suggest kids at the border could have Ebola in a radio interview last week.