GOP Congressman: If Impeachment Happens, "President Has Chosen To Bring That Upon Himself"

Rep. Ted Yoho also reveals he raised impeachment with House leadership, who said no.

Republican Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida doesn't want to need to impeach the president, but says if an impeachment does happen, President Obama will have brought it upon himself. Yoho added he raised the possibility of impeaching the president with House leadership last year.

"The last thing is impeachment of a president," Yoho said in a recent radio interview with the Tea Party Express, also citing a lawsuit, censure, and withholding funding as ways to hold President Obama accountable. "We, and myself, and the American people for the most part they don't want to impeach the president. They don't want to have to sue him and waste the time and effort. All we're asking is faithfully execute the laws of this land that you are elected to do."

Yoho said if impeachment proceedings do come up, it will be because Obama didn't "enforce the laws" on the books.

"So if an impeachment comes up, it's not because Congress wants to do that," Yoho said. "It's because the president has chosen to bring that upon himself by not enforcing the laws on the books. If he doesn't like a law he needs to get that changed, not wave his pen and use his phone and he has arrogantly stated over and over again."

Yoho also stated early in the interview he was one of a group of lawmakers who raised impeaching the president and Attorney General Eric Holder for not enforcing laws related to immigration, also raising suing the president as option.

"Just recently we challenged leadership about either suing the president or the impeachment of the president and Eric Holder for not faithfully executing the laws on the books," he said. "And we did this about 11 to 12 months ago. They didn't want to go to the lawsuit or even talk about impeachment."

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